Wednesday, 22 March 2017

bad hair day

Strictly speaking, this duck has a bad feather day. The photo illustrates the past few days very well, it has  been a bit of a bad hair week. I am not referring to my hair of course, this is mostly a bit wild, even a on a good hair day.

Richard and I have been unwell since Friday last week. I am rarely ill and nor is Richard and that we are both unwell at the same time is an unlucky coincidence. We blame James, poor wee mite. James is much better now, which is good. He still coughs a lot but on the whole he is back to his normal cheerful self. The other three have been fine.

The weekend is a blur. I spent much of it on the sofa or in bed although I did manage to play a few games and hand out chores. Turns out Sam is doing a fine job cleaning the bathroom - not that he offered to do it out of the goodness of his teenage heart, he negotiated payment. Empathy with sick parents is not very well developed in our house, we may have to put some more efforts in helping them develop their social conscience. Much arguing ensued over the last banana, the last slice of bread and the dire situation in the cereal cupboard.

We are on the mend. I felt almost human on Monday morning and today my eyes have not been producing a continuous stream of tears, which is nice. I didn't miss any work although I did take it easy. At the moment, I have the pleasure of reading up on a subject I'll be developing teaching material for, something that is quite enjoyable even when under the weather. Richard missed his weekend bike ride, which would normally warrant a visit to the A&E department and he took a sick day on Monday. Neither of us like taking time of sick, it is not worth it because the stress that results in an unplanned absence is worse than working when feeling miserable.

Richard went to a memorial service yesterday and was asked if he had retired yet! He looked much fresher this morning, a good sign of his recovery.

Normal service will resume shortly. Have a good midweek! xx

P.S. no donations of food necessary, Richard went shopping last night.