Friday, 23 June 2017

Friday randoms

The time has been flying. We've just got two days of school left and soon we'll be on our way to Cornwall. I am so so exited!

Anyway, the last week been busy.

Last week, we had our annual PTA school summer party, which is held on a Friday evening. It is a major fundraising event for us. We have bouncy castles, some games, a DJ, a bar, the K-Factor (which is a mini X-Factor for upper school talents), homebaking and food stalls. The preparations begin weeks earlier with shopping lists, calls for helpers and  selection of entertainment. The teachers are organising the selection of K-Factor finalists for each year. The event went well, the weather was good enough for a great turnout and there were no incidents to report. Much money was raised once more and will soon find its way back into the school in the shape of new resources and PTA sponsored events.

I spent the weekend sewing my summer wardrobe, neglecting everything else that needed doing. More on this later. I also managed to go along to knit night with my German friends. This was fun but no knitting was done.

At work, I have been busy with putting together a four part introductory lecture for our new MSc programme. Although my background lies in the wider context of this MSc, a tremendous amount of research has gone into this lecture. My plan is to complete this presentation before the holidays, including the script for the recording. It is a fun process but I do tend to get side tracked easily with all the exiting new stuff I am learning and I have been far from efficient.

At home, things are just fine. We don't seem to have the end of term stress so many of you experience. We have no galas, shows or competitions to attend and the most onerous event was the school assembly today. I tend to avoid the assemblies but James mentioned that he was going to get a medal for his participation in the athletics team and he was nervous, asking what he'd have to do when his name was called. So we went along for reassurance. Richard and I made sure he knew where we were sitting by waving madly as his class walked in to take their seats. You should have seen his wee face when his team walked up to the front to receive their medals. It was pure joy to see him. James also got a medal for his role in the sports committee - he had never mentioned a sports committee and doesn't think he is on it. The assembly was less tedious than previous ones, the acting head is clearly not nearly as keen on self promotion as the currently absent head teacher.

This summer, Sam is not coming on holidays with us. We have been having chats with him regarding his comportment during our absence. We discussed food budgets, things that need done (bins, laundry etc), acceptable behaviour and more. I am a bit nervous about leaving him behind but he is starting a four week internship on the 3rd of July and will not be hanging about the house all the time when we are not here. Sam is working on his menu plan (steak every day, apparently he needs at least 150 g of protein daily) and has asked where the fire extinguisher is. He also wants to join the local gym as the school gym will be closed. Today, Sam and I went on a long dog walk and talked about all the above and more. I'll miss having him around during our holidays but it is good to get used to the hole in the fabric of the family in small instalments.

Have you got any plans for the weekend? I am going to hem a dress and maybe do some housework. Exiting, eh? Have a great weekend. x